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Friends you meet at work 2.0 Crawdad Edition

As a Handyman, I am a Home Improvement contractor who generally does small jobs. Since I don’t roll with a crew, I will, like Dr. Doolittle, talk to the friends I meet at work! You may recall one of my first posts which was about the woodpecker who came back to his job site to see how I was doing repairing his damage.

A Home And Garden Handyman, LLC met the very woodpecker who had created the woodpecker damage in the first place.

Yes, he even proceeded to continue his/undo my work! I am happy to report that the repairs were done and the house was painted and deterrents installed. Since working with him I have met some new friends. The first was a pair of salamanders who were living under a crumbling back stairwell that needed some concrete work.

A Home And Garden Handyman LLC, may be found to speak to friends he meets at work, even if they are delightful not at all slimy salamanders!

I was happy I had begun dismantling the top step by hand so I could explain gracefully to them why they would need to relocate.

A Home and Garden Handyman LLC removing rotten concrete to repair steps found Salamanders living in the rubble.

A top stair repaired by A Home And Garden Handyman LLC, vacating the salamanders how lived under the rubble before.

Then, this fall, while perched high on a ladder cleaning a gutter, this guy appeared and asked if I could spare a handful of seeds.

A Home And Garden Handyman LLC cleans gutters and communes with friends who drop by the job site.

He stuck around hoping the moldering leaves held some grain. While the leaves had been there a while, they had not sprouted new growth.

A beautiful acorn found in the wilds of Middlefield Ct by A Home And Garden Handyman, LLC

Been there seen that!

A Home And Garden Handyman LLC cleaned this gutter which had sprouted seeds!

This summer, I had a brief conversation with wasps that I met while replacing an attic vent. We came to an agreement that if I did not swat at them, they would not sting me.

A Home And Garden Handyman LLC met these wasps when installing an attic vent.

No swats, no stings! Attic vent installed!

Out with the wood (read rot prone) and in with the pvc molding and replacement vent, by A Home And Garden Handyman, LLC

My most recent and most startling friend was met while inspecting a customer’s sump pump. This winter was very wet, and her pump was running frequently. As a sump pump owner, I can vouch for a high water table lately. While looking into the very small sump (a contributing factor to frequent cycles) I saw what I thought was a crayfish. Well that is exactly what is was. I invited the customer to peer in and validate that for me. I took a video too so you would not have to believe my fish tale.

I can’t explain exactly how it got there, but since it is a field stone foundation not far from a brook, I can only guess. Old New England Colonial era houses hold more than charm!

While I don’t miss long conference calls and budget meetings, sometimes a little conversation is needed. So If you see me holding forth, I may just be communing with my friends at work. If you have gutters, sump pumps, attic vents or crumbling back stairs, you could repair them yourself, or if you lack the time, inclination, tools or expertise, you could ask A Home and Garden Handyman, LLC to help.

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