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What does your Front Entrance Say? Your vision delivered.

My customer had asked the builder to give him a natural wood, open entrance. Instead he got a closed in PVC lid over his beautiful wood front door. Don't get me wrong. PVC is rot's enemy and it never needs to be painted. But it struggles to be beautiful.

So after working with me on a few other projects in and on his house, my customer asked me too look at his front entrance. He told me what he had wanted and shrugged over his shoulder at what had been delivered. He asked if I could do what he had in mind. I did some reconnaissance on a building I knew to have an entrance that sounded like his vision and sent him some photos. He sent me a couple images he found on line. We were on the same page. I drew up a proposal and we embarked on plan to deliver on his original quest.

Here is the finished product. It involved opening the porch roof, adding soffit trim, encasing rafters, beams and pillars in rough sawn pine, matching the vertical shiplap siding, removing some can lights and hanging a new light fixture and yes, sanding and staining the front door to match. Which do you prefer? Have a vision that you would like to bring to life? You can do it yourself or if you need help, A Home And Garden Handyman, LLC can help. Your vision delivered!

a shaker style wooden front door stained a rich golden hue framed by a vaulted ceiling supported by columns and rafters of rough sawn pine in the same hue,
The new rough sawn pine entrance by A Home And Garden Handyman, LLC

A white pvc enclosed porch over a shaker style wooden door showing evidence of weathering
The before image of the builder's underwhelming pvc enclosed front porch


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