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I need a new Kitchen Faucet

“Move over I want to play with it!” Said my son to my wife when he returned home and saw the new kitchen faucet today.

A beautiful new kitchen faucet and matching soap dispenser.

My wife was impressed that a non-electronic fixture caught his interest! Wait till he discovers the new soap dispenser! This faucet was only a few weeks late in arriving. I had purchased the same one a couple of weeks ago promising to install it in a couple of days. But a customer happened to call saying he wanted to surprise his wife with a new kitchen faucet while she was away. I said “great, I happen to have a very nice one in the back of my truck and if you like it is yours.” I removed his and replaced it in a jiffy, the only wrinkle was a leaky valve, but I repacked it and it held. My own faucet replacement required the requisite Philips screwdriver, a crescent wrench and a pair of pliers, and oh yeah, a Porter Cable Tiger Saw! It was just that corroded in there and the collar ring was not going to back off. As you can see the faucet was not worth keeping!

An old tired kitchen faucet, showing it age with corrosion and chipped enamel and discolored plastic. Note the missing soap dispenser.

The hot water ball valve was very stiff, but it turned off. Often valves need to be replaced outright having simply corroded stuck. This requires then relying on the whole house shut off valve to allow the expanded job. Replacing a faucet is not that complex and you could do it yourself. Those with bad backs, fun plans for the weekend or claustrophobia- not much room under a sink, might consider calling in the reserves. A Home And Garden Handyman, LLC can help replace your kitchen faucet if you would like.

New Kitchen Faucet installed by A Home And Garden Handyman, LLC

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