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An old tired kitchen faucet was replaced with new faucet by A Home and Garden Handyman, LLC
A custom sliding barn door built by A Home and Garden Handyman, LLC

Click on an image to read a little of the back story, visit my Etsy store! HomeGardenHandyman, or call or email me to see if we can do the same for you.

this gazebo roof and cupola were damaged in an accident and rebuilt by A Home And Garden Handyman
Replace, repair or patch rotten and woodpecker damaged siding, the culprit woodpecker
a mirrored recycled window with a crown molding appointed shelf links to homegardenhandyman etsy site
A baseball bat hat rack workshop gift idea from my Etsy store
custom built decorative garden shed built on site in Wallinford Connecticut to avoid driving over irrigation lines by A Home And Garden Handyman, LLC
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