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Aww, Isn't he cute?

“I’m all for job security, but let me get done with the job for crying out loud!”

The other day, I was replacing rotten cedar clapboard and woodpecker damaged vertical house trim. The job was moving along nicely. I had patched some small holes with plastic wood and was waiting for it to dry to paint. After power washing the house I was now scraping and painting the siding. As I was painting one side, I heard a tap tap tapping from around the corner. I knew the sound, but did not expect to find this…

This little rascal woodpecker had chopped through a patch I had made as well as left his mark on a vertical strip that had been replaced entirely.

Now a woodpecker may attack a house for 4 reasons. To build a nest in spring. To attract a mate- just likes the sound. To make a roost for winter in the fall. To find food. So after you have watched this video once, watch again and see if you see what I missed the first time. I may have two reasons my friend is visiting!

And yes, apparently as migratory bird woodpeckers are protected, so you want to avoid hurting woody. So after all this work has been done, shiny dangling reflectors and other visual/ mechanical deterrents will be set out. With luck he will visit a tree!

If you have critters eating your house and need a hand with rot or woodpecker holes, A Home And Garden Handyman can help.

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